Sigma Industry Evolution supplies the market with engineering consultants in Mechatronics.​

Do you have your own company and want to collaborate with us at Sigma?​

We have a long tradition of collaborating commercially with partner companies. A partnership where all involved parts get added value, create businesses and creates a future together.​

​Benefits of Sigma Partner:​

Access to Frame Work Agreements​​
We supply the assignments​
Open and good communication​

Framework agreements​

Take part of our framework agreements. As a partner of Sigma Industry Evolution, you as a self-employed person have the opportunity to work with larger companies who require framework agreements with supplies. We work continuously and strategically with our customers to maintain a healthy delivery through our agreements.​

Partner meetings​

Join our community. Networking and exchange of experiences with other self-employed colleagues and with us at Sigma. We organize meetings with different topics and focus depending on the market and conditions.​

Business help​

We help you commercially. With long experience and market knowledge, we are a supportive and helpful partner for your business. Together we build a future based on trust and confidence.