Sigma Industry Evolution

Modern products demands modern engineers. Evolution is progress, product development, and that is what we do.​ ​

Sigma Industry Evolution supplies the market with engineering consultants within Mechatronics and embedded systems​.​ ​

Traditional products that are digitized, or new products that are made possible at the forefront of technology. Few products consist of only software or hardware - why not hire a consultant who understands the entire product and deliver expertise where it is needed the most.​ ​

Our services combine Mechanics, Electronics and Electrical systems for the entire optimized product. Industry Evolution’s areas of expertise include, among others, robotics, computer technology, communication technology, systems technology and control technology.​ ​

Sigma Industry Evolution is the modern consulting company with an entrepreneurial drive that delivers quality for our customers, partners and employees. We supply engineers within the fields of mechatronics and development, Evolution, to the industry.​